memorial day weekend

The early spring here has meant that the garden is more lush than usual for the end of May.  We are already snacking on our first cherry tomatoes, Sunsugars that we bought as starts from the farmers market.  The San Marzanos are coming in too. Scapes have been harvest from some of the garlic, and […]

spicy carrot pickles

Other than making refrigerator pickles, my only other experience canning was putting up a few jars of tomatoes this past summer.  I have checked out a number of books from my local library on preserving, but I’ll admit that I was intimated and a little overwhelmed by the whole process.  But reading blog after blog and seeing picture […]

dried tomatoes

So, we still have a lot of tomatoes. We are cooking with them fresh and eating them out of hand, but can’t harvest them fast enough and some are rotting on the vine. [I am hoping this might mean volunteer tomatoes next year, like we had with the arugula.] We are canning and freezing whole tomatoes […]