The other day I was in the garden and noticed the delicate, somewhat ragged flowers on the arugula plants. The plants were overall in pretty bad shape – stringy, bug-eaten, dry. But I really liked the flowers for some reason, and I thought there was a chance that seeds might set and I would get a new crop.

Yesterday I got an email notification from SproutRobot that I could plant arugula and spinach. [If you enter in your zip code and select the plants in which you are interested, SproutRobot will send you an email telling you when to plant.] Then today I was reading the guest post by Eunice Chang at Tend, and saw that her arugula did indeed reseed itself.

So I went back out to the garden, and lo and behold, under all that brown, tangled mess…. baby arugula!

arugula mess


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