beneficial insects

caterpillar on dill

caterpillar on dill

caterpillar on parsley

butterfly on petunia

crescent butterfly

honeybee on arugula

In the garden yesterday, I saw something crawling on my dill plants. Turns out there were no less than ten black swallowtail caterpillars on the dill and parsley, in different stages of growth. I see now why they are sometimes called parsley worm; they were really munching away. When I went back in the afternoon, the biggest ones were gone – maybe snatched by a hungry bird?

Over just a few minutes, I snapped (somewhat blurry) pictures of other beneficial insects in the garden. I used this site to help me identify the butterflies. I think the ids are: female cloudless sulphur butterfly on the petunia, (male?) pearl crescent butterfly on the wood, bumblebee on coneflower, and a honeybee on the arugula flower. I guess this is another reason why it was good to leave the bolted arugula there.


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