late summer

The garden is starting to look different – autumn is approaching. Temperatures have been fluctuating dramatically. On labor day weekend we went from 100+ on Saturday, and didn’t get into the 60s on Monday. Today we are in the high 80s. Strange.

late summer harvest

green tomatoes

Last night’s harvest of tomatoes and herbs. There are only a few tomatoes on the plants, some getting red, some still green. The basil and other herbs are very happy.


romaine lettuce


kale stems

The arugula is coming along very slowly. The romaine lettuce and kale seedlings that we planted on August 25th are getting bigger, though something is eating my kale. I started some cilantro and parsley indoors, and I am waiting to transplant them.

stacked wood

And we have been working on the wood piles – cutting, splitting, stacking. Hoping for warmth inside this winter.


2 responses to “late summer

  1. Almost I can smell the wonderful scent of cut wood when passing that nice pile of your.

    Your garden must be such a perfect spot.

    Here everything slowly turns to yellow, red, purple, orange. I wish you happy times still with the color green.

    Thank you for visiting my small weather diary, autumn sunshine to your day.

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